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Ways to win over internet pornography (a self-help material)

Prim. MUDr. Karel Nešpor, CSc.

September 2013

Initially, this text was prepared in concise form in cooperation with the sexologist Dr. Slavoj Brichcín. It was created as an answer to the questions that we obtained via e-mail. This self-help material can be distributed without any restrictions.

Negative motivation works quickly and strongly

Work with motivation. Be aware of the disadvantages of addictive behaviors for the body and mind, unpleasant experiences from the past and possible problems that can come in future. We can recall awkward feelings and states of exhaustion, or we can realize that the internet is not that anonymous. The network administrator at work or your family members can easily find out which web pages you visited and what you did there.

Our opinion: Negative motivation helps to manage the crisis and cravings more quickly. This also applies to various forms of addictive behavior.

Positive motivation is pleasant

Work with positive motivation as well. Realize the advantages of a good self-control in relationships, at work, spirituality or health. The advantage of self-control is the fact that a person becomes more independent.

Our opinion: Working with positive motivation is pleasant and suitable for maintaining a good health in a long term. It is also appropriate to realize the problems caused by addictive behavior first, and then the advantages of a good self-control.


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